Saturday, May 22, 2010


Heres the complete "Sucked", written by me for inclusion in a "talent search" comics writer Mark Millar started up on his blog, in search of material for a new publication he is putting together. The art is by Elchivo, and is clearly awesome. The letters are by Jim Campbell, and are also awesome. Whether or not this is interesting enough to capture the mighty Mark Millar's attention or not is another matter entirely. But even if it doesn't, I had a blast writing it and Chivo had a blast drawing it so .... its all good, eh!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sucked teaser

A panel from a little strip called "Sucked!", written by me, art by Elchivo, letters by Jim Campbell. With this strip I've finally been able to take a phobia I've had for a long time and put it to good use, in comic-strip form of course! This will be submitted to Mark Millar's search for new talent and will hopefully find a home someplace else as well. Elchivo definately needs someone to take notice of him soon! And Jim's lettering should be on everything!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blood Monster

Here's another pics from Atomic-CALL "Reign of Blood", which will appear in Starscape this Winter. This is a "Blood" monster, one of the girls enemies in their first tale.
Awesome art by Shane Collins.

Atomic-CALL's Mandy and Raquel

Here's a couple of character studies of Mandy and Raquel from Atomic-CALL. The girls will appear alongside Angie in the "Reign of Blood" story which will be serialised in Starscape. Art on that will be by Shane Collins but these pics are commissions I got done by JohnnyBoy Baptista, to establish the look of the characters. Very cool stuff!

MANDY S.N.A (Surname Not Applicable)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Frog Commander (finished page)

Here's the finished strip. Just a wee bit of froggy fun. :)
I wrote, Ryan Thomason drew and lettered. What WILL the Frog Commander do next???

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Frog Commander

Here's a conceptual drawing of a little frog soldier, as drawn by Ryan Thomason for a one page comic strip I wrote for a competition on Millarworld. Isn't he cute! Will post the full strip as and when it is finished.

Atomic Call Update

The first four illustrations for Reign of Blood are complete and in the can. Here's a sample. Great work by Shane Collins who has made Angie his own and is really bringing her to life. These pics will accompany chapter 1 of the story when it appears in the new Starscape storycomic towards the end of the year.
In other news, I have completed and placed four comic scripts so far this year, all of which should have appeared in print by the end of the year. First up is "Basking Robin's Wonderful World of Delights", art by Conor Boyle, to appear in Temple APA issue 7 in the summer. Then there are two horror stories due out around Halloween time, "Weep" in Back from the Depths' "Hallowscream", and "Promise" (my personal favourite piece) in Down the Tubes' "Tales of the Supernatural". Art on both of these by Filip Roncone. Finally, for the moment, I have written an episode for Paragon's Jikan entitled "Griffins Bounty" featuring my favourite mythological creature (and inspiration for my son's name) the gryphon.
I'm currently at work on an Atomic Call comic strip and a new story called Icarus Dangerous...more on these as they develop!