Friday, February 12, 2010

Reign of Blood Extract

Mandy S.N.A (Surname Not Applicable) kicks some ass.
Extract from my new atomic-CALL novella "Reign of Blood".
This story will be published in 6 installments in the forthcoming Starscape storycomic.


Secure the cockpit, she’d said.

Take out the bad guys.

Turn the ship around.

No gunfire.

Mandy scoffed as she studied her M.A.T’s digital display, glowing within the grip of her customised mobi-gun. A scan showed there were four targets on the other side of the door she was facing, a nondescript panel that sealed off the cockpit.

"Gimme a challenge, why dontcha," she sneered, pressing a button on the remote in her other hand and detonating the explosive attached to the door.

A muffled ‘thud’, an explosion of smoke, cries from beyond the threshold, the metal panel crashing to the ground... Mandy ignored all these things, tossing aside the bomb remote and rushing into the billowing smog.

One to the left, on the balustrade, four metres, she thought, entering the cockpit and lifting her left arm, letting her coat sleeve fall back to reveal the utility band around her wrist. She bent her hand back to activate her dart-gun and a single bolt spat forth, cutting through the swirling mists and finding its mark, a scream reporting her aim was true. She heard the man crash to the floor as she reached the railing at the edge of the walkway, slammed her free hand down upon it and catapulted herself out into open space.

She was falling then, towards the floor of the cockpit, dropping clear of the smoke and seeking out her other targets.

One at the bottom of the steps, she thought, aiming her gun and squeezing the trigger once, a single bullet slamming into the goon’s forehead and sending him reeling back into the wall.

One right below, she thought, as she came down on the third man, kicking him to the ground and landing astride him. She bent over, snaked an arm around his neck, squeezed hard and twisted.

His neck broke and his body convulsed violently.

And one more dead ahead, she thought, watching the last of the creeps rush her from the front of the cockpit, brandishing a rusty sword above his head.

Her mobi-gun spat once more and he took a bullet in the chest, which plucked him off his feet and punched him back like a battering ram.

Man and sword hit the ground and came to rest, and silence descended on the cockpit.

Mandy holstered her mobi-gun then strolled casually to the ship’s controls.

Secure the cockpit.

Take out the bad guys.

Turn the ship around.

What was the last one?

"Gimme a challenge, why dontcha," she said again, then set to work re-directing the Cruiser...

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