Friday, September 17, 2010

Would you date this man?

Well, not unless you're a lady, and even then, probably not.

This is "Tucker" (Tuckah!!!) Liam Byrne's rendition of the main character from "Speed Date" (ever so slightly based on the actor who will take the role in the short film...EVER so slightly...I don't really know somebody who looks like this! Honest!!) :)
Nice work Liam, looking forward to seeing more!


  1. I would. I would date him, yes.

    Looks great, man. I like that style of art, too.

  2. I would only consider dating him if he ad a body. That's my standard. I need all parts in working order. As far as faces go, he kinda looks like the Edge... so in that case, yes. haha!