Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowscream 2010

This time last year I was browsing the 2000ad forums when I saw a thread promoting the publication of "Hallowscream", a web comic which had been put together as a homage to the old "Scream" comic of yester-year, fondly remembered by many. I downloaded the comic and thought it was marvellous, and when I noticed it featured work by a lot of the guys I conversed with daily on the forum, I wondered why the Hell I didn't have anything in it! The answer was --- because I wasn't writing comic scripts at the time! That all changed soon after though, and when the call-to-arms (or pens) went out for the 2010 edition, I was ready and raring to go!

The new edition is out now and its a doozy. 84 pages of blood-curdling, spine-chilling, and occassionally laugh-out-loud funny tales from a variety of talented creators, its a beast of a magazine and a whopping good read. It's completely free to view also, you can't say fairer than that!

To make up for missing out on last year's premiere edition, I've managed to slip two strips into this years. The first, "Speed Date", I have already provided a teaser for HERE. The second tale is called "Promise", which features art by FILIP RONCONE. A teaser panel for this strip appears below, after which you will find a few links via which you can download the magazine.

So what are you waiting for?

If you haven't read it already...grab yourself a cuppa and go and read it now!




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