Friday, June 3, 2011

Temple APA Issue 9... now avaiable for download online. FREE! See that fabulous, summery cover? It's great, isn't it, and it's even better on the inside, so get it now, get it good, get it HERE!

You can also obtain it from CLICKWHEEL, MEDIAFIRE or view it as a MY EBOOK.

As usual, there's a nice collection of comic material from a wide variety of creators inside, including myself. This is the third issue I have been featured in, and although I don't have a new, complete strip appearing this time out, I do have preview pages from 4 of my forthcoming stories (3 of which will appear in Issue 1 of VANGUARD!), and also a brand-new one page strip featuring my cartoon character (and Vanguard 'frontman') Redbats. This fellow, here:

This strip, drawn by LOUIS CARTER and lettered by JIM CAMPBELL , serves as both an introduction to Vanguard's psychopathic 'editor' and sets up a bit of a running gag I am going to feature in the comic, about how "Van Dom" (ie, ME!) and my collaborators on the project are being held against our will and forced to create this comic at Redbat's behest. "Prison Break" shenanigans will ensue, mark my words! My money is on OWEN being the first to break out and take on the Red one....he has that Crazy Fox of his sniffing around after all... (I've seen it, and boy does it look crazy!) Yes, indeed, Owen Watts and the Crazy Fox versus Redbats, that's a feature for issue 2 brewing in my mind even as I write these words!!

So, yeah, Temple APA, check it out, give props where props are due. If you want to know more about Temple and what it is, or if you would like to contribute to a future issue, you can learn more HERE,

That Zit, keep it real!


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  1. Wow, awesome previews there, nice support :) Can't wait for Vanguard!