Thursday, August 11, 2011

Icarus is Out!

Yep, Paragon Issue 8 is finally out - and having received and read my copy today I can safely say it's a STONKER! Cosied up alongside wonderful scripts by Mark Howard, The Emperor and Matthew McLaughlin is Chapter II of my "Greek Legend Gone Interstellar" epic ICARUS DANGEROUS, in which our danger-prone hero Icarus says:

If you read Chapter 1 (and if you didn't, stop reading this NOW and go read the blog entry for Paragon Issue 7 instead) you'll know that Icarus has been saved from a watery grave by a strange amphibious female...who, seconds later, is captured and taken on board a monstrosity of a deeply submersed spacecraft! Icarus, helpful chap that he is (and nothing at all to do with the fact that some extremely HOT bikini-clad alien chiquita has just planted a whopper on his lips and might be up for offering a little more if he plays his cards right), decides to give chase in an attempt to rescue the damsel-in-distress who has just saved his life. A noble idea, if not the smartest one, but then Icarus never was the sharpest arrow in the quiver, so what do you expect? It all goes BADLY WRONG...and now Icarus finds himself marooned, millions of light years from Earth and even closer to that dag-blasted sun than EVER. And that's not even the WORST bit.

See? He's got VOICES IN HIS HEAD and everything. That's NEVER good!

Who is Meriope? What has she done to Icarus? Who are the alien creatures who have abducted them both and what do they want with Meriope? Find out the answers to SOME of these questions in "ICARUS OUT!", 8 pages of action wonderfully rendered in PRESTWOOD-VISION, appearing now in a PARAGON near you.

Go HERE to order! And get your Greek on!!!

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