Friday, June 8, 2012

Ick-Day, chapter 4!

Issue 10 of Paragon has been available for a couple of weeks now and I've been a bit re-miss in blogging about it. In between looking after the kids full time, taking online courses and trying to master Japanese, I seem to be letting my comic responsibilities slide....really need to sort that out and get my priorities straight! Nevertheless, better late than never, so here is the fabulous Matt Soffe-rendered cover art for issue ten of Paragon:

This is the biggest issue of Paragon yet, clocking in at about 52 pages. There's a great variety of content by writers such as Matthew McLaughlin, Chris Cronin, Jim Cameron, Greg Meldrum, Davey Candlish and myself, and artists such as James Corcoran, Stephen Prestwood, Louis Carter, El Chivo, Davey Candlish (again) and Jim Cameron (again!) Of specific relevance to THIS blog is myself and Mssr.Prestwood's ongoing series Icarus Dangerous (or Ick-Day as it would be known in Japan, where English words tend to be abbreviated down to a single syllable).

 As you may remember, in the previous installment, Icarus had finally managed to locate his saviour Meriope and release her from imprisonment on the mysterious Bonemen's starship. Sadly, he also inadvertantly released some of Meriope's 'not-quite-fans', adding to his already not-inconsiderable problems. Now trapped between the advancing Bonemen on one side and a motley crew of mythical beings (including Gorgons, Centaurs, dismembered soldiers and, er, a young girl) on the other, Icarus must decide if the alien Meriope is really someone he can trust...or if she is actually just another threat to his well-being.

Stephen Prestwood has turned in his best work so far on this frenetic, action-packed chapter - take a look at the splash page below showing all our players in action to see what I mean:

 Does that look like fun or does that look like fun? And yes, I know I say it every time, but this is STILL just the tip of the iceberg for this story. It just keeps on getting more and more dangerous for our hapless hero - if you don't believe me, you just need to check out the final shocking page of this installment! And to that, you need to get your hands on a copy. To that end, I will hand you over to my editor Davey Candlish, who has provided all the info you need to order a copy (as well as plenty more previews) right HERE.

 If you are even slightly intrigued, please do order a copy and support the small-press and all of us comic-lovers, who are making these comics for YOUR enjoyment! That is all!
 Until next time.....
  Danger Out!

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