Thursday, July 29, 2010


So one of my little comic scripts "Speed Date" has been chosen by a small local production company (Big 10-4 Productions) to be adapted into a short horror movie. As there is already an Irish movie out there with the same name, the name for the film version has had to be changed and will be titled "Speed Kills" instead. Things are progressing nicely with this. Location has been scouted, auditions have been held, casting is imminent. The comic strip will feature art by Kyle Smart, who has agreed to let us use some of the finished panels in the end credits. Mike Marshall (a very nice guy who goes by the name LARF on the 2000ad Forum) and his company eatsleepthink design have kindly put together the title logo which appears above. We held a table quiz last night as a fundraising exercise (although most people involved are offering their services for free, there is still the minor issue of props and set dressing to be addressed) and it was an excellent night with a good turn out and a decent sum raised. Filming is due to occur on August 28th. Should be fun!

I will make further reports on the progress of this little venture as it becomes available! :)

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