Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update August 2010

So it's been a pretty productive year so far! I've now got quite a few projects on the go, and if you'd told me any of them would be happening back in January before I started all this, I would have laughed at you.

I've got a good few comic scripts currently being done up by various wonderful artists for inclusion in a variety of superb publications, both print and digital. As well as a few one-off horror tales and a strip based on some popular 2000ad characters being done up for a new 2000ad fanzine, I have a few strips in the pipeline for Paragon, some tales featuring that magazine's flagship character "Jikan" and also my own series "Icarus Dangerous", which will be drawn by Jikan creator Davey Candlish and will be very fun and awesome!

I also have my Atomic CALL short story lined up to be serialised in the new Starscape storycomic, of which the first issue will be launching imminently and for which the accompanying illustrations are developing nicely. My story won't be debuting until issue 2 or 3, depending on a couple of factors, but that's cool...good things are worth waiting for, after all! :) (I will post info about issue 1 of this magazine when it is officially launched). To coincide with the running of this prose Atomic CALL adventure, I have written a 7 page Atomic CALL comic strip, which serves as an introduction to the main character, Call Malone. Art on this will be by an amazingly talent artist called Richard Jordan, and the strip will appear as a webcomic on Starscape Online. Really looking forward to that one!

Along with this, things are progressing nicely with the short film adaptation of my comic script "Speed Date". A quick update on that first - unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, the original artist on the strip, Kyle Smart, has had to - reluctantly - leave the project. It's a shame, as I was looking forward to working with Kyle on this, but these things happen and can't be helped. I'm sure we will work together on something else some time in the future. But never fear, ably stepping into Kyle's shoes is Liam Byrne, another artist I have recently collaborated with on a separate project (which I can't talk about yet, as it's still "secret" :). Liam's work is as awesome as Kyle's and I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for the strip. As for the movie - well, filming went ahead on Saturday the 28th of August with Producer/Director/Location Scouter/Prop Builder/Casting Agent/Make Up Artist and Set Dresser extraordinaire Alan Rogers at the helm (did I mention he also plays the lead role??!?) It was a one day shoot and was a great success with a couple of the - usual - hiccups along the way. So that project is one step closer to completion...next stop...editing Hell!!!

That's the end of August update for now! But I have a feeling I'll be posting a lot of tantalising tidbits over the coming months as all of these projects begin to take shape!



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  1. The sneaky-peak you gave me of Speed Date/Kills is great, man! I look forward to seeing the finished version in all its bloody glory.