Saturday, October 29, 2011

The things you should fear the most aren't necessarily the ones that are mad, screaming obvious...

Last year, one of the very first comics I wrote "Wonderful World of Delight" appeared online in the 7th edition of Temple APA. Almost two years on, and this story remains close to my heart as one of my favourite creations, which is odd, as it was originally conceived as a throw-away strip, a quick tale with a gimmick that would be done and dusted in a couple of pages and that would be the end of it. Thing is, in the process of writing it, I created this bloke called Robin Baskerville...a larger-than-life nutter who somehow took on a life of his own and refused to get out of my head and leave me be.

It was almost as if he had taken up residence in my imagination. I could hear him whispering to me in the night: "Whaddaya mean, I only got one story to tell, are you outta your frosty, freakin' mind? I got a gazillion stories to tell! You might think you know me, but you ain't got no idea, chump. I've got stories to tell that you would not believe!"

It's true. Robin has since filled me in on EVERYTHING about him, his entire life-story and history, who he really is, what he really didn't make for easy imagining. And I can't even tell anyone about it. Robin scares me. He's bad. The baddest of the bad. This guy, who created himself, is the nastiest, vilest creation that has ever popped into my head. I know I need to tell his story. All of it. I'm just not quite sure how I'm going to do it yet. I have made a start though. Robin's second adventure is ready for consumption and will appear in this year's edition of Hallowscream, just a couple of days hence. Here's a few panels from the story, with new artist Tony Rothwell more than filling the sizeable shoes left by Conor Boyle , who illustrated the original tale, and putting his own unique and darkly humourous stamp on things:

The new tale, Wonderful World of Serendipity, will give fresh insight into the depth of Robin's depravity...but it won't scratch the surface of the unthinkable horrors that are yet to be revealed. I didn't have the necessary gumption to get into all of that right away, thought it best to simply present another snapshot of Robin as he is in the here-and-now of his zombie-ravaged, apocalyptic Wonderful World, before delving into his past and opening up a Pandora's box of terror. That's for another time, another place, but Mr. Baskerville's tale will be told, and when it is, you may very well regret hearing it.

But not half as much as I regret being the one who has to tell it...

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  1. I was happily reading this story in Hallowscream, i thought he we go, Robin is going to save the day, then Bam, it turns really really nasty. Sir, you are a wrong un.

    Thanks you for contributing to this years comic. It really is awesome.