Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hallowscream 2011

It's here!
It's out!
It's awesome!

The 2011 edition of Back From The Depths' Hallowscream is now available to download FREE and its the biggest and best one yet. Hours of reading here, with some great tales and artwork to be found within these virtual pages. This is my second year contributing and once again I've been lucky enough to work with two fantastic artists. Check out Bhuna's superb full colour artwork on Speed Date 2: Cruz Control and Tony Rothwell's darkly atmospheric etchings on Wonderful World of Delight: Serendipity . The comic also contains a fantastic monster tale written by my old pal Matthew McLaughlin and illustrated by the wonderful stop-you-in-your-tracks-and-rip-your-jaw-right-off-your-face Ghostpockets, who I collaborated with for the original Speed Date in last year's edition.

Hallowscream 2011 - so bloody good it's horrifying!

Download from CLICKWHEEL or DROPBOX, or view online at MYEBOOK.

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