Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paragon Issue 8

Check out the cover to Paragon Issue 8 by the awesome CHRIS ASKHAM. It's a beaut isn't it? The comic is going to be available in the next couple of weeks, and it's got some great material inside by a bunch of really talented folk...and me! Returning on art duties for ICARUS DANGEROUS CHAPTER 2 is STEPHEN PRESTWOOD - and below you can get a preview of page 1.

For more info, check out the PARAGON BLOG, where you will be able to order a copy of this very soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Remember Alice?

This poor girl fell foul of the evil TUCKER last year, when all she thought she was doing was going on a Speed Date with some specially selected, eligible batchelor elite. That's no good at all.

The bad news is, her situation hasn't really improved all that much, as this image - courtesy of BHUNA ROCHE - will attest to. But not to worry. Tucker still has a few girls to get through, ONE of them might be right for him, if they're lucky... But they'll have to play their cards right and answer his questions JUST so, to even be in with a chance. One thing's for sure, before this night is over, things are going to get worse before they get better...

Stay tuned for more nasty, blood-soaked, murderous speed-dating fun in SPEED DATE 2: CRUZ CONTROL! coming your way this Halloween!

Remember Tucker?

Tucker Alert!!! This maniac is still on the loose and continues to stalk innocent young ladies in his misguided attempts to meet his perfect match and find his 'soul mate'! Word has reached me that he has now infiltrated VANGUARD! and will be plying his nasty trade there! Beware! Look out for this tucker! He is armed and highly dangerous! Do NOT be fooled by his charm and winning smile and do NOT attempt to approach him, under any circumstances. Especially if he asks if you want to go Speed Dating ...

Art from "Tucker's Romantic Escapes: Escape 1", by EL CHIVO !

Tales from the Emerald Isle 2

Last year, David McDonald of HIBERNIA COMICS put together a really cool 2000ad fanzine which focused exclusively on characters from the comic that were of Irish origin. I contributed a Sinister-Dexter tale to the anthology, which went down well enough, apart from the too-specifically-Irish-by-far pun I included at the end, which lost most readers (as the majority of them weren't specifically Irish at all. D'oh!) So I learnt a lesson from that, so I did. Know your readers!!!

This second edition of the comic abandons the 2000ad angle and instead draws together random tales of fantasy and fiction, all of which are based in Ireland and contain Irish themes and characters. Designed as a "convention special", the stories are, as such, shorter and sweeter. Big fan of Slaine that I am, I wanted to do something in that vein, so decided to have a crack at bringing Fionn Mac Cumhaill to the, er, small page. I mean, come on, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, he got psychic powers from burning his finger while cooking a magic salmon for God's sake, and he stabs himself in the head with his own damn SPEAR to stop himself nodding off, how freaking awesome is that! If only I had the power to suck on my thumb and have all the answers to life's conundrums revealed to me in an instant...that would be SWEET. A big spear to poke myself in the head with when I was falling asleep while trying to get through "Shutter Island" for the twentieth time would also be convenient. But alas... I have neither. Sigh. Anyway, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, a bit of a brute and not very bright but he had lovely flowing white locks and...the Salmon Knowledge!! Here he is in action:

How indeed?? In this story, one of Fionn's most famous feats of derring-do (the outsmarting and slaying of fire-breathing underworld fairy Aillen at the Hill of Tara) comes back to haunt him when he encounters a foe hell-bent on taking revenge for this heroic act. Will Fionn manage to prevail this time? You'll have to read the story to find out!

Art is by FILIP RONCONE, who went above and beyond the call of duty and put this 3 pager together in just three days!!! Not only that, but he also managed to produce what is one of my favourite pages of artwork based on a script I've written so far.

Enjoy, and hopefully I will get the chance to write more Fionn adventures in the future. I had a lot of fun writing this one.


Temple APA Issue 9... now avaiable for download online. FREE! See that fabulous, summery cover? It's great, isn't it, and it's even better on the inside, so get it now, get it good, get it HERE!

You can also obtain it from CLICKWHEEL, MEDIAFIRE or view it as a MY EBOOK.

As usual, there's a nice collection of comic material from a wide variety of creators inside, including myself. This is the third issue I have been featured in, and although I don't have a new, complete strip appearing this time out, I do have preview pages from 4 of my forthcoming stories (3 of which will appear in Issue 1 of VANGUARD!), and also a brand-new one page strip featuring my cartoon character (and Vanguard 'frontman') Redbats. This fellow, here:

This strip, drawn by LOUIS CARTER and lettered by JIM CAMPBELL , serves as both an introduction to Vanguard's psychopathic 'editor' and sets up a bit of a running gag I am going to feature in the comic, about how "Van Dom" (ie, ME!) and my collaborators on the project are being held against our will and forced to create this comic at Redbat's behest. "Prison Break" shenanigans will ensue, mark my words! My money is on OWEN being the first to break out and take on the Red one....he has that Crazy Fox of his sniffing around after all... (I've seen it, and boy does it look crazy!) Yes, indeed, Owen Watts and the Crazy Fox versus Redbats, that's a feature for issue 2 brewing in my mind even as I write these words!!

So, yeah, Temple APA, check it out, give props where props are due. If you want to know more about Temple and what it is, or if you would like to contribute to a future issue, you can learn more HERE,

That Zit, keep it real!